Who Are Sound Box?

Who are Sound Box? 

It’s an interesting question to try and answer and one that I have just been thinking about instead of plotting my next story draft…It’s not just my main character who procrastinates!

Sound Box aren’t real, obviously. Like the rest of the Uni Files they are just figments of my imagination but I do think they are based in reality perhaps more so then the rest of the story. Ben with his guitar is such a strong visual image for me as a I write, the image of him playing his guitar spurns me on every time I get stuck on a challenging section. This probably stems from the playlist which I used when writing – do still use. It was filled with music that I could hear him in. Obviously there was a lot of Taylor swift on there as well but it was also filled with a strong strong male vocals – the kind to make a girl swoon.

If I had to chose one male vocalist who Ben most sounds like then it would just have to be Brandon Flowers from the Killers, and I guess sound box as a whole sound very much like The Killers; think ‘Mr Brightside’ – jumping around the stage, or the slow and soulful ‘Be Still.’

There is also a very heavy dose of the Plain White T’s. ‘Hey There Delilah’ had such an influence on my story line it ended up being mentioned numerous times to the point of the song almost becoming a character itself. Whenever I get stuck even now on the second novel where everything is very different to the first I still listen to this song. I think there was one evening about a year ago where I had this song on repeat for about three hours straight. Even my daughter who is only five heard it come on the radio not so long ago and turned to me in the car and said “Hey Mummy, it’s that song you like.” The truth is that every time I listen to it I do not think of the original band I just think of Ben playing it. 

The Bombay Bicycle Club were also a major influence, as were the Zac brown Band, Death Cab for Cutie and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Kiss Me’ featured heavily as well. Yes I know this is an eclectic mix but hey if it works then it works!

I may even try and set up a ‘Ben Chamber’s’ play list on here so you guys know exactly what I am talking about.




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