Life as it Happens

I haven’t written a post in what feels like ages. Not because I have been too busy coming up with such amazing ideas for my new book that it is guaranteed to become a worldwide best seller, but rather because I have been a little bit too busy living my real life.

Yes that is right, sometimes I have to prioritise and leave my imaginary friends and their stories behind for a few days and for a while I just have to be me.

It’s not that easy to do. You can’t just stop the ideas from coming or ignore them in the hope they go away. The way I deal with them is to just leave them there, floating around, developing until I am able to get to my laptop and put them down the way I want. The way I write is a little strange, I have to visualise every conversation my characters have in the tiniest detail before I write it down. This means I spend a lot of time sitting and staring or pacing as I work through imagined conversations. And yes people do look at me like I am mad – my husband is always catching me on the verge of talking to myself, I think he is getting used to it now.

So for a few days I have just been Mum, and do you know what it has been great. I have had fun with my children, we even went and got a puppy at the weekend as a family – much to the annoyance of our naughty tortie. 

It’s been fun, and my kids love me for it, but that is not the best bit. The best bit is that in giving myself to my family for a few days and allowing my other persona a rest I have finally managed to unlock the severe case of writers block I have been struggling with the last few weeks. 

I haven’t forgotten how to write my characters, or run out of ideas (all things I have been worrying about in the middle of the night) we just needed a holiday from each other. Now they are back and they are on fire, begging to be written down.


So tomorrow, I will be Mum in the morning, TA in the afternoon and writer in the evening, and I will love it all because it is my life. My life just as it happens.


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