Staff Room Gossip

I have no idea how we got onto the topic in the staff room today, but somehow we ended up discussing all the weird and wonderful quirks our husbands / partners have.. and don’t we all know that they have them! 

So one of my lovely colleagues was telling us that her partner always insists on walking on the side of the traffic whenever they are walking anywhere, something that she finds amusing but just a teeny bit annoying.

Really? I think that it is romantic and old fashioned and a sign of impeccable good manners that are seriously lacking in this day and age. 

I love the notion so much that I even used the situation in The Uni File: Year One. 

As my friend reminded me of it today I thought I would dig out that section and post it as a sneaky excerpt.

Here it is:


I wave goodbye to everyone and head towards the door, Ben follows me, I kind of know he will.

“I am going to walk.” I say. I could do with the fresh air.

“Uh, no you’re not.”

“Yes I am.”  

“Well, then I am walking with you.”

He sighs and falls into step with me. After about five minutes he rather bizarrely switches sides and walks on the edge of the pavement.

“What are you doing?”

“Walking by the traffic.”

“You know I am twenty-six right? Not six?”

He turns and smiles.

“I know, but I am doing it anyway.”

I can’t help but smile, it is very gentlemanly and old fashioned and it is gives me warm fuzzy feelings as we meander down the Upper Richmond Road on our way home. After another five minutes I slide my hand into his. He does not say anything, just walks along next to me in silence holding my hand.

When we get home he hesitates outside my door.

“Lilah, do you think I could take you on another date?” His voice is low and he looks so bashful standing there, I nod my agreement with little hesitation.

“It’s just that I realised that I only ever took you out properly once. We just, we just. Well you know.”

He is blushing bright red.

“Had sex?” I add helpfully, but then I go bright red as well, which makes us both giggle.

“That would be lovely. Thanks for walking me home, Ben,” I say as I head into my room.

“You’re welcome, Lilah.”

 Mm. I am not sure what to think of this turn of events. What does it mean? Snogging in Foxtons? Walking me home? Asking for a date?

All I know is I am sitting here grinning my head off like a complete fool.

I need to sleep on it. It will be clearer in the morning.


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