Method Behind the Madness

I am not crazy after all (okay maybe just a little) and there is most definitely method behind the madness that is my writing style.

So what is my writing style, well to be honest it is a little erratic much like my approach to most things in life. If it is not full on and done to the max then it is probably not worth my time doing it.

When I was writing the first Uni File I sped through the first half of the plot and then very bizarrely wrote the end. I thought it was a fluke. A one off.

Apparently not. Because guess what happened yesterday? Yes that’s right, I hit half way through the second novel and would you know it, I then sat down and wrote the end.  I mean I know I always had a rough idea of what I wanted but I did not expect it to just spill out like that – again.

There I was idly having a bath, (yes I do brain storm in the bath, I know it’s weird but I have given up caring) listening to music and trying to escape my daughters fifth viewing of the week of Barbie Charm School when it happened.


Thank you very much, three thousand words and a final scene that made even my chest feel tight and got me unreasonably emotional when writing it.

There is clearly a trigger that I reach where I have set the story up and developed it to a certain point and then I can clearly see the goal in sight, it is then a case of writing that goal and then backtracking my steps to make sure the story fits from where I was to where I end up. Like a dot-to-dot but for words instead of numbers.

I would honestly love to know if any other writers write like this. I can’t be the only one can I?

I have to be honest that the music I was listening to when the lightening bolt hit may have had a lot to do with it. Everyone knows that I have to write to music, there has to be a song in my head for the words to come – my playlists are very reflective of what my characters feel not necessarily what I do.

Yesterday was no different than any other apart from perhaps I was listening to music that represented more  what my main male character would be thinking as opposed to my actual protagonist. I think that was all I needed, to change the perspective to see the end from another point of view. I believe this is what I did the first time around as well. I listened to the same song over and over again, a song I knew that Ben would sing to Lilah to get the mood right. This time I had to think about the words he would want to say if I gave him the opportunity.

So I am going to share – obviously.

If this guys voice was made out of a liquid substance I would probably pour it on the floor and roll around in it.

I wonder how many times I will have to listen to this song before my novel is complete!


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