All or Nothing Kind of Girl

I’ve just been out for a coffee with a friend of mine and as we sat there drinking our two-handled gigantic coffee’s we had a little laugh about some the things that I have done of late.

I’ve been have been having a few crazy months which pretty much define my character and personality.

All or nothing. That’s what I am, an all or nothing kind of girl. Always have been and always will be. I am either 100% in or I am not.

My friend assures me that this is because I have a creative personality and it means that that I don’t have too much time to think about things before I move onto the next ‘big thing,’ therefore I am in a perpetual state of motion. Forever jumping from one thing to another wherever my created tendencies take me.

I am inclined to agree with the latte psycho-analysis.

Here is an example of my crazy.

On Saturday I decided that I was a little inspired by a conversation that I had had with someone and decided to write a short story based on it. So I did.

I then sent it over to the person without even checking it; typo’s and spelling mistakes and all.

Okay, you may say, that’s not too bad. Well yeah it kind of is because the person I sent it too is a book reviewer and now more than likely thinks that all my work is going to be completely random and look like it is written by a ten year old.

Okay, so apology sent on that one. Note to self don’t send emails when you have consumed three quarters of a bottle of white wine.

Last week I woke up in a panic at two in the morning because I decided that I did not like my final version of my novel that I had sent to my publisher.

Thing was, it was not my actual official version, it was a version that I had already panic amended on another morning at 2.00 a.m. (I panic in the middle of the night; it is one of my things). So I then had to send an email to the publisher to say “hey there, remember me that crazy woman you gave a contract too, by the way I sent you the wrong file and could I send you the right one?”

The return reply was – yeah sure, but hey we have already started editing so it may be too late.


The publishers are now editing a book that even I am not sure about! Someone hit me over the head with something heavy quick.

Two days ago I decided to finish another novella I had started to work on a while back – this is written from my main male characters pov and actually quite a good idea – so I finished it and decided to contact my publisher to see what she thought I should do with it from a marketing perspective. She told me to send it over and she would let me know what she thinks.

So I did. Without checking it for typo’s and spelling mistakes, many of which I found after pressing send.

Seriously! Twice in one week!

I can’t help it, it’s part of my impetuous nature that I have to do things right now or I will not do them at all.

It’s part of being an all or nothing kind of girl.

I will write the email and send it without checking it.

Or I won’t.

I will write an entire story in one day.

Or I won’t.

If I meet you and like you then I will be your friend forever even if I don’t get to talk to you often.

Or I won’t.

I will do all the housework in one hit including deep power clean bleaching.

Or I won’t.

And I will write a blog post about being an out of control fly by the seat of my pants head case and post it without checking it.

Or I won’t.


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