My Boyfriend Post

Tomorrow is the big day, the one I have been waiting for since Christmas when I opened up the bestest Christmas Present ever given to me.

It was my sister who provided the gift of a life time, possibly because she knows what I want more than anyone else, or possibly because she was just as eager for what tomorrow is finally going to bring.

Yes that is right. Tomorrow I get to see my boyfriend!

Obviously I don’t mean a real boyfriend because I am married and that would be a little on the wrong side of things BUT tomorrow I get to see my imaginary boyfriend.

Brandon Flowers bring it on! After six and half years of waiting tomorrow my sis and I will be having a girls day out in London including lunch and drinkies whilst working our way to Wembley Stadium to see The Killers.

In case you can’t guess I am just a little bit EXCITED!!!!

Very, very, very, very excited. As in, this has been the longest week of my life.

You see six and a half years ago I had tickets to see them when they were not a stadium filling world renowned rock act. I can’t even remember where the tickets were for; all I do know is that it was not Wembley.

However there was a monumental spanner in my The Killers swooning plan and that came in the form of a baby bump and some serious vertigo and an inexplicable pregnancy related aversion to loud noise.

So I sold my tickets. What a dumb ass.

A friend told me at the time that I would never forgive myself and do you know what she was completely right because every time they have toured since then I have been so busy being ‘mummy’ that I have not been able to go.

Until tomorrow that is.

Tomorrow I will be watching the band that have been with me my entire adult life. After Uni when I moved into a flat with my sister and was bombing around in my mum’s old Clio that smelt of mould listening to All These Things I have done. At wedding’s where I have danced like a complete nutter to Mr Brightside. All the times I have sung along to the radio playing Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll (a song which I hold very dear as I do believe it may have been written for me!) The afternoons spent spinning my daughter around the living room to Human and more recently watching my son and daughter perform a spontaneous dance to Battle Born (the re-mix – which was bloody hysterical.

But tomorrow I will be listening out for one song that means more to me than any other at the moment. It is the song that I have listened to the entire time I have been writing my second novel.

Of course it has the one immortal line, the one that makes me listen again and again.

“I knew it when I met you, I’m not going to let you, runaway.

I knew it when I held you I wasn’t letting go.”

So think of me tomorrow when they sing this because I will be going banana’s of that I am completely sure.

For those of you that take the time to watch the video below…what is that with his hands when he sings “I have a tendency to slip when the nights get wild,”??

Good grief, I can’t deal with that level of suggestiveness it’s too much.



Don’t panic, I am not expecting another baby. Although saying that it does feel a little like I have just been through some Bella Swan-esque speedy pregnancy and horror birth nightmare.

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy which is why there has not been a post for a while. I have not even looked at twitter in ages, that is how banana’s my life has been of late.

So what’s been happening? Well three weeks ago I decided rather spontaneously to write a Uni File Novella; this time from my main man Ben Chambers perspective (and yes he is mine). It was a project that I started last year sometime and then shelved because it was not going anywhere and I knew I was time wasting. For some reason my brain was in the right mood for it this time around and I was able to craft a story for Ben with relative ease. The surprising bit was the fact that i genuinely enjoyed writing it, it was great to see things from a guy’s perspective but also it fun to see a major scene from The Uni File Year One re-written from a different point of view. 

I am not sure when I am going to release it yet, I am awaiting feedback from the publisher but as soon as I know be shouting it from the rooftops. The big discussion is whether to push it out before the September release of Year One or whether to save it for later in the year. It does have a Christmassy feel to it, so I may well keep it as a little Uni File Christmas surprise … My kind of Christmas surprise: Six ft Two, black hair, blue eyes, guitar playing and downright scrumdidliumptious. 

So The Uni Files series is growing; whilst it is a still a three novel series there will be shorter books released alongside them.

Another novella is already underway to tie in with Year Two and this has been great to write. Zoe Benedict, steps up to help Lilah McCannon in a sticky situation and in her short story we get to learn not only about Zoe herself but also a little more about the other main characters in The Uni File.

This novella is partially tied in with another one of my announcements, in fact it is tied in with a giveaway. It was always my intention to give away two character names in the series, a kind of ‘become part of The Uni Files’ giveaway. 

One of the spaces has already gone to Zoe from The Book Lovers ( – check her out if you haven’t already) just because she is so ridiculously awesome and supportive that I just had to have her in one of my books. BUT I do still have one space up for grabs. I am going to be arranging a giveaway raffle thing over the next couple weeks so keep an eye out and you too could also find yourself in The Uni Files.

So what else have I been doing over the last week or so? Oh yes that’s right, I finished writing The Art of Keeping Faith the second full novel in The Uni Files. If you had asked me a couple of months back if I was ever going to manage to complete it I probably would have bashed my head against the nearest hard surface and told you that no it was never going to happen and could we never talk about it again.

But here we are; it’s done. I finished at some ungodly hour last Wednesday and then spent the rest of the week feeling like I had been run over by a steam roller. Exhausted both mentally and physically and also feeling a little bit strange because for the first time in a year I did not have the same story floating about in my head.

I feel an odd combination of both euphoric and deflated at the same time. It’s all happening now, the roller coaster has left the starting point and I am on it. I can’t believe that all of this is happening. In two months I will have a novel out that people can read, should they wish! I have a number of other titles under construction or in development, and every time I think about it I can’t quite believe that it is happening to me.

I am waiting to fall, but then I am hoping I don’t.

So I am going to end this post with some Taylor and the song that I listened to repeatedly as I finished writing The Art of Keeping Faith last week. If any song can explain right now exactly how I am feeling then this is it.