My Boyfriend Post

Tomorrow is the big day, the one I have been waiting for since Christmas when I opened up the bestest Christmas Present ever given to me.

It was my sister who provided the gift of a life time, possibly because she knows what I want more than anyone else, or possibly because she was just as eager for what tomorrow is finally going to bring.

Yes that is right. Tomorrow I get to see my boyfriend!

Obviously I don’t mean a real boyfriend because I am married and that would be a little on the wrong side of things BUT tomorrow I get to see my imaginary boyfriend.

Brandon Flowers bring it on! After six and half years of waiting tomorrow my sis and I will be having a girls day out in London including lunch and drinkies whilst working our way to Wembley Stadium to see The Killers.

In case you can’t guess I am just a little bit EXCITED!!!!

Very, very, very, very excited. As in, this has been the longest week of my life.

You see six and a half years ago I had tickets to see them when they were not a stadium filling world renowned rock act. I can’t even remember where the tickets were for; all I do know is that it was not Wembley.

However there was a monumental spanner in my The Killers swooning plan and that came in the form of a baby bump and some serious vertigo and an inexplicable pregnancy related aversion to loud noise.

So I sold my tickets. What a dumb ass.

A friend told me at the time that I would never forgive myself and do you know what she was completely right because every time they have toured since then I have been so busy being ‘mummy’ that I have not been able to go.

Until tomorrow that is.

Tomorrow I will be watching the band that have been with me my entire adult life. After Uni when I moved into a flat with my sister and was bombing around in my mum’s old Clio that smelt of mould listening to All These Things I have done. At wedding’s where I have danced like a complete nutter to Mr Brightside. All the times I have sung along to the radio playing Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll (a song which I hold very dear as I do believe it may have been written for me!) The afternoons spent spinning my daughter around the living room to Human and more recently watching my son and daughter perform a spontaneous dance to Battle Born (the re-mix – which was bloody hysterical.

But tomorrow I will be listening out for one song that means more to me than any other at the moment. It is the song that I have listened to the entire time I have been writing my second novel.

Of course it has the one immortal line, the one that makes me listen again and again.

“I knew it when I met you, I’m not going to let you, runaway.

I knew it when I held you I wasn’t letting go.”

So think of me tomorrow when they sing this because I will be going banana’s of that I am completely sure.

For those of you that take the time to watch the video below…what is that with his hands when he sings “I have a tendency to slip when the nights get wild,”??

Good grief, I can’t deal with that level of suggestiveness it’s too much.


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