The Saving of Benjamin Chambers



So it’s official. The Uni File Novella: The Saving of Benjamin Chambers has been picked up and is going to be released in time for Christmas.

I am so ridiculously excited about this. I loved writing from Ben’s perspective and also giving a glimpse into the back story behind Ben and Lilah’s love thing.

Even more exciting is that there is going to be a teaser / glimpse at the end of The Uni Files Year One when it comes out in September so everyone can get a  little sneak peek early.

So without further ado here is the blurb for The Saving of Benjamin Chambers.

Benjamin Chambers needs saving, he just does not know it yet. Bored of his life of repetitive gigs with a band going nowhere fast and one night stands with girls who are only interested in his role as a lead singer, something has got to change. It’s just what do you do when the only life you know involves messing around with guitars and attempting to run away from any female attention that comes your way.

Ben has a New Year’s resolution and one that he is determined to keep, quit the band and get a life of his own. Little does Ben realise that on his last night with his band Sound Box he is going to meet a girl who will turn everything he knows upside down.

As Ben sets himself the challenge to find ‘The Girl’ again, he may be about to learn that in an effort to rescue her, he himself will be the one to be saved.


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