Nashville Crush

My name is Anna Bloom and I am an addict…..


…Of Nashville.

Have you ever?? Oh lordy above, that program is so ridiculously addictive I cant stop myself. My sister is reading this, thinking, “hell I told that woman to watch that months ago.” But you know I have been busy writing and stuff so I am only catching up now.

Last night I sat up till gone eleven screaming at the telly and randomly texting my sister quotes, for example. 

“He just said ‘I’m done talking’!! Squeal.”

When I started watching there was one character I really did not like, at all, to the point I had to fast forward all scenes with him in. By the end of my marathon last night he had completely grown on me, then he sang the song I have linked in below and I was done for.

Why oh why did I not have this song when I was writing The Uni File Year Two. It would have been perfect for the big Easter Scene??

This song perfectly captures all the emotions I have been trying to get down on the page. I hope I have succeeded.


And if you have not been watching, why the hell not?


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