Going Cold Turkey

This week I am giving up some stuff and today is my first day of going cold turkey.

Personally I don’t like that saying, what does it even mean? What is a cold turkey and why do we make reference to one when we are effectively withholding something from ourselves that we actually want? I honestly don’t know, please feel free to tell me if you know.

So anyway this week I am giving up.

A: Alcohol

B: Dieting

C: My laptop

The reasons being.

A: We went to a wedding at the weekend which was spectacular but I am sure that amount of wine is not good for you no matter which way you look at it.

B: Last week I only ate Bran Flakes so I could fit into the super slinky silk dress for the wedding. Now I am beyond hungry and I only plan to eat pasta this week, more than likely three times a day.

C: It has come to my attention that I am slightly obsessed with my writing and that my zealous scribbling is making me into a workaholic. Now, anyone who knows me will be able to tell you I am so far from being a workaholic this is actually quite a unique position for me to be in. But I am going to try and reign it is and control it a bit more so I have a better balance in my life, both for me and my family.

So this week for one week only I am keeping my laptop shut (after I have finished this post) no editing, no scribbling, no plotting, nothing. One whole week off. Instead I am going to do things like housework, watch movies, read books and all the stuff that I used to like doing (the housework bit is an extension of the truth).

Can I do it? I don’t know, I am finding it a little unnerving and it is only the first day. I am going to give it a good try though and that’s what going cold turkey is all about I think. it’s about trying to give something up until you finally crave and decide that you need your turkey hot.

Here it goes….I am closing down…..

Oh, hold on. I need to go out on a song.

I love this band, and this song is particularly apt.


Now I am going.



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