Lilah McCannon’s Top Ten

In four weeks Lilah McCannon will be landing on Kindle’s and e-readers the world over (primarily where my friends and family live).

It’ been suggested that I should offer a little ‘get to know you’ post so you can all get an insight into the ever so slightly crazy world of Lilah McCannon. I finally managed to pin her down after days of trying and asked her some insightful questions to find out what makes Lilah McCannon tick.

  1.  Favourite Colour? Blue. It used to be red but I have recently changed it.
  2. Favourite Food? Ho-Fun noodles.  There is a place on the Old Brompton Road which makes the best Ho—Fun in the word. Sadly I cannot show my face in there at the moment.
  3. Favourite Song? The Promise by Tracy Chapman – but sung much better by Benjamin Chambers. I find most things are.
  4. Favourite book? Jane Austen’s Persuasion. I have to skip large chunks of text because it makes me cry. I still read it though, at least twice a year.
  5. Favourite Film? This is a bit embarrassing but I don’t have one. Okay, um. Uh, definitely not Bambi. Can I think about this one?
  6. Favourite TV Moment? Mr Darcy wet and in a shirt…Elizabeth Bennett looking like she is munching soap because she is about to be caught snooping around his gigantic estate and has realised just how loaded he is and therefore will appear a money  grabbing bimbo…oh okay – just Mr Darcy in a wet shirt.
  7. Favourite Childhood Memory? My Mum once got so drunk on gin over Christmas Lunch that she slid off her chair under the table. Dad picked her up eventually but only after we had taken numerous photo’s and Gemma our Golden Labrador had licked the brandy butter off her face. Oh such fond memories.
  8. Favourite bar/pub? The pub that smells of old farts on Putney High Street. At least it will be when they let me back in again.
  9. Favourite flower?   Wild cornflowers.
  10. Favourite Drink? Sorry, do you want me to narrow it down to one? Can I break it into categories?

White wine = A fun night out with the girls.

Bottles of beer = Boredom alleviation.

Sherry =Christmas breakfast.

Vodka =Extreme emotional situations.

Gin = For when vodka no longer works

 Hold on! I’ve just thought of my favourite film. The Way We Were…

Why? You want to know why?

Because  when I first watched it I thought about it every day for a week afterwards and I knew I never wanted to be a grown up.

 I also knew from the age of fifteen that I would never ever be able to let go of someone that I loved as much as Barbra loved Robert in that movie. That moment at the end where they bump into each other in the street and she brushes his hair out of his eyes nearly killed me.

It was the first time I ever swore in front of my mum because when they walked away from each other I screamed “What the fuck? Are they not going to get back together again?” at the telly.

Mum just gave me a Gin and Tonic to get over the shock.

There you go that’s me and my Top Ten


For those of you who don’t know Lilah’s favourite song – here it is. I  guess you will have to read The Uni Files  to find out when Ben sings it!



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