Teaser Tuesday – First Day of Uni

With only three weeks to go here  is a little  Uni File – The Art  of Letting Go teaser. 

17th September

Yay! First day of University! Well, first proper day that does not involve being hideously drunk or puking from too much alcohol, nor hiding in my bedroom to avoid my rather attractive but equally aggravating neighbour.
Meredith and I have met for breakfast. I cannot eat though, I’m way too excited. So I just sip my coffee.
“Are you on a diet?” she asks.
“No, does it look like I am on a diet?” I poke my squishy middle to prove the point.
“Why are you not eating?”
Meredith is fast becoming my bestie, however, she does ask daft questions.
“Because I’m not hungry,” I reply, adding an eye roll for good measure.
“Who’s not hungry?” Ben asks as he saunters in looking annoyingly fresh in a blue shirt and dark jeans. Clearly he is not having a problem with lack of appetite. He is stuffing a whole doorstep of toast into his mouth. I stare at him in disgust.
“What?” He mock shrugs around the overload of toast.
“You’re repulsive.”
“Not what you said the other night.” He gives me a wink which makes me flush.
“Really? Did you just say that?”
“What?” He replies.
I flip him the finger. Meredith watches us with an amused expression on her face. Meredith thought I was hysterical yesterday when I practically barricaded myself in my room so I could not be tempted to try and snog Ben again.
That would have been dead embarrassing, “Lilah would you like a coffee?” “Oh yes please and a snog as well while you’re at it.”
Maybe not. Best to act indifferent.
“Dick,” I mutter under my breath, heading for the door grabbing my backpack as I go, purposely nudging him with my shoulder as I walk by. All I manage to achieve is knocking him off balance, which in turn makes him grab out for my squishy waist to balance against with fingers splayed along my midriff. I avert my gaze and duck around him.
Complete and utter rubbish – thirty seconds in a room with him and I have managed to initiate some skin on skin contact.


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