The Art of Letting Go – read-along…..

So autumn is here, it’s chilly, the nights are drawing in. What do we all like to do when there summer leaves us again for the year? Yes that’s right we like to curl up with a large glass of red wine and a book to enjoy…No? Just me?

Well just in case any of you like curling up with a good book (with or without the wine) we are going to be holding a read-along for the first Uni Files novel The Art of Letting Go which is releasing next Wednesday.

This is going to be a completely chilled out relaxed affair (hence the wine) basically we are going to start on the 27th and split the book up into three sections – One for each term of the academic year; Autumn, Spring and Summer. The Aim to be for us to finish around the time the blog tour starts.

Some lovely book bloggers have said they are going to take part so each section will be hosted by them and I will link it up here on AnnaBloomWrites. Basically we will be talking about our favourite characters, favourite scenes (limited spoilers please…) what they think of the book so far and more importantly where they think the book is going to end up. For me this is real big topic because I am really keen to see who can work out where the story is going or are surprised by any of the turns it takes.

For each section I will also provide a little Anna Bloom insight and let you know what music was on my playlist for that part of the novel or what inspiration I was using – surprisingly this did not always take the form of a large glass of Pinot.

So if you want to take part then follow the blog using the little follow (via email) icon to the left and I will hook up with you to discuss which section you want to take part in. Or, you can just go wild and comment away the whole way through the Read-along! Join in, it’s going to be a good laugh.



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