What I should be doing…and what I am doing…

This is the way my mind works. I should be doing one thing. Therefore I will do something completely different.

I should be writing the huge amount of interviews and blog posts I need to complete for the Book Tour which is starting in under a month…

What I am doing is thinking about Cornwall, and the boy made out of the moon and sea. The setting and a character from a new novel I am working on.  I am half inclined to blame Ms Pope for this because I sent her a sneaky scene this morning, now I cannot stop thinking about it and I just want to write more. I know I can’t.

I am just going to have to screw my sensible brain on and work through things in an organised manner….or I could daydream about the boy made of moon and sea just a little bit more whilst listening to this song over and over again.

Yes let’s do that…


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