COVER/TEASER of The Art Of Letting Go – Anna Bloom

Excerpt…Cover and the chance of a $20 Amazon Card….now your can’t say fairer than that!

Z. Elizabeth

The Art of Letting Go by Anna Bloom is a Mature NA Romantic Comedy set in England (and is full of British charm and humor!). We’re excited to present you with the cover, an excerpt and a giveaway in anticipation of the release of this fantastic book on September 25th!

PS. I have already read this book and I can fully say you will all love it. It’s such an awesome book but hands off because Ben is mine 😉


The Uni Files: Year One- The Art of Letting Go by Anna Bloom
Due to Release September 25th, 2013 by Soul Mate Publishing


One year. One woman. One Diary. One question: can you ever stop history from repeating itself
and if you could what would you do to stop it?

When Lilah McCannon
realises at the age of twenty-five that history is going to repeat itself and she is…

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