The Story of Us

So if you know anything about my book then you will know that Lilah McCanon lives her life to Taylor Swift songs.  I don’t even know how I came up with this idea, it just seemed rather amusing at the time of writing, and it still does now, so I am rolling with it.

 I  mean what’s better than writing a book about a girl in her twenties who can’t grow up than putting it to a backdrop of teenage music that girls all over the planet are currently singing away too (well and some thirty-five years olds but the less said about my singing the better).

 I always said that the day the book was released I would reveal the song that sparked off the whole writing process for me. It seems that day has come.

You see for such a long time (like my entire life) I’ve lived with stories in my head. My childhood could be split 50/50 between having a book in my hand and thinking up some crazy make-believe day dreams. I just never knew what to do with them, apart from worry that I should be carted off to the ‘funny farm.’

It was only about two years ago when it all clicked into place for me. I’m not mad. I just have stories in my head.

It was this Taylor Swift song that made it click. Daydreams are just stories, stories that can be written down.

How many times can you write ‘The Story of Us’?  How different can each ‘Story of Us’ be?

The answer is endless. You can write ‘The Story of Us’ a million times and each time it will be something unique and individual because that is what stories are; everything that you want them to be. Not like real life which is everything that it is.

That’s why from today when  people ask me what I do, instead of mumbling something about being a  teaching assistant, a dinner lady and a sometime writer I will instead say I am an author. And when the inevitable next question is asked “That’s nice, what sort of books do you write?” I will reply “I write stories about us.” Because in truth that is the only thing I ever set out to do, to tell it how it is. How life is, in The Story of Us.



Ps. When you are reading the book and you get to Lilah’s ‘Best Friend’ gaff (you  will know what this  is when you get to it) just know that this is the song I was listening too to write it. It’s just tooo perfect!



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