All I Want For Christmas Is A Soul Mate – Cover Reveal

All I Want For Christmas Is A Soul Mate - Cover Reveal

I have a short story Christmas Miracles appearing in the Soul Mate Publishing’s Christmas Anthology which is out next Wednesday.
I love my characters in what I like to call ‘My Crimbo Short’ and I love the fact that within a few thousand words I was able to give them a great ending. I’m also proud of the fact that even though it is short I managed to tick all my writing ‘must-do’s’. It’s funny, sexy, sarcastic and has a swoonworthy guy in the lead. . .
I’ve read the other stories in the collection and they are all AMAZING and so worth a download.
Here is the hook for Christmas Miracles….
~ Jude gave up on Christmas last year when her husband walked out, but anything could happen this holiday season, thanks to a new man and a Christmas miracle . . . ~

I hope you will all give it a read and enjoy Jude and Adam’s festive tale and we all can start feeling Christmassy together . . . now where is my tinsel?


Ending on a high – The Book Lovers Review

Today is the last day on the Book Blog Tour for The Art of Letting Go, and what a ride it has been. I’ve had some amazing reviews, that I would never have dared dream of, not in a million years and I have also met some incredible people who are fast becoming friends.

As today is the last day, I have kind of been saving the best to last. But before I post the link I want to share with everyone why this review is so special to me.

What feels like a million years ago when I was deciding what to do with my manuscript and how to ‘get it out there’ I started researching book blogs – seeing who did what. I didn’t really know much abut blogging but I knew I needed to find out. There was one blog that stood out for me. It seemed like it was run by a crazy person not dissimilar to myself, and I followed it avidly for weeks before I made contact with the blogger. I completely got how the reviewer read her chosen novels – and her enthusiasm reminded me how I felt when reading.

So I got in contact and asked for help on how an aspiring author should go about ‘stuff’ stuff being – anything to do with, well anything.

That’s how I met Zoe and well the rest is kind of History. She gave me some lowdown and in return many months later I sent her a very very advanced copy of The Art of Letting Go. I had no idea if she would like it. In fact for weeks I heard nothing and I assumed the worst. The she started emailing me at every bit she loved, then when she finished we kind of slipped into a friendship that now involves texting – most of every day.

So this review is by the first person other than a family member to read my book – imagine how I felt this week when she finally sent me the final review. It meant a lot!!!! And that my friends is an understatement.

The Book Lovers Reviews also has a deleted scene that never made it to the final version….Ben and Lilah….Under a tree….A teeny bit of smoochy hotness.

Here it is…

The end…..

The  ending of The Uni Files – The Art of Letting Go is causing rather a lot of frustration….so this is my blanket (cover all) apologetic response…But you know I have a strong belief that my character’s have got to work for the ending’s that they want. 

You will all find out what was on the post it note  soon…I promise…Also Ben has got some thoughts to share with you all in December which will help you piece it together, some more. Lilah may have learn’t The Art of Letting Go but she still needs to learn The Art of Keeping Faith and The Art of Growing Up….

This song is one of my favorite writings songs and I listened to it all the time for The Art of Keeping Faith but I think it ties in very nicely with the ending of Year One…I can visualise Vodka Lilah belting this out in the Tapas restaurant the night she  gets barred from the pub that smells of old  farts.

I hope you enjoy it.

The Learning Curve

This is one of those hard posts to write, where I have to try and be myself  for a few moments and let all the crazy stop so I can say something rather important.

I appreciate that there are probably a lot of friends and family out there at the moment who have downloaded The Uni Files- The Art of Letting Go and realised with horror that there are a handful of mistakes scattered throughout the manuscript. And bless you all for sitting there and being so polite and not saying anything in a bid to spare my feelings…..but it’s okay I know about them and I am in the process of getting them fixed.

It’s kind of sad really, and even writing this post is making me feel considerably downbeat which is unusual for me. The situation is, and I am going to be very diplomatic here with my phrasing, I  spent two years working on something completely new. That new project turned out to be The Art of Letting Go, my little baby. For whatever reasons there may be, and I do believe both parties are to blame The Art of Letting Go has gone out for sale in a form that I am not satisfied with. I know I am to blame for this as much as other people; I was to eager to get it out there, I rushed through re-reads and I was distracted by some very sad family events that caught me completely by surprise.

So really I just wanted to clear the air. I hate the thought of people reading it and wondering if they should tell me – it’s okay  I already know – and I just hope that  those lovely people who have already read it enjoyed the story and that it made them laugh, or cry, or whatever emotion it brought out of you. And for those of you who want  to wait until the corrected version is on Amazon well then I hope you also enjoy it and it makes you laugh and cry.

The good news in this situation is that I have made some decisions going forward about Year Two and in a way this has been quite a liberating learning curve that I have been on. Slowly I am building a team of Beta readers and proof readers (I love you guys) I trust, so Year Two  is going to completely kick butt. (More updates on Year two soon).

Happy reading – whichever version you go for!

I’m going to crawl  back to my sick bed now…satisfied at the fact that I have cleared the air.

Trafalgar Square at Night

Trafalgar Square at Night

I have just been writing one of my Guest Posts for the Blog Tour which is starting in a week or two and I have been describing my love affair with Trafalgar Square. Yes I know it is a bit weird, and you will have to read the full post to find out why I love it so much. But anyway I was googling for some pics to describe the scene I have based there in The Art of Letting Go and I found this amazing pic…. How beautiful is this? Now I just need to photoshop a Ben look a like on there and we will be good to go…