Ending on a high – The Book Lovers Review

Today is the last day on the Book Blog Tour for The Art of Letting Go, and what a ride it has been. I’ve had some amazing reviews, that I would never have dared dream of, not in a million years and I have also met some incredible people who are fast becoming friends.

As today is the last day, I have kind of been saving the best to last. But before I post the link I want to share with everyone why this review is so special to me.

What feels like a million years ago when I was deciding what to do with my manuscript and how to ‘get it out there’ I started researching book blogs – seeing who did what. I didn’t really know much abut blogging but I knew I needed to find out. There was one blog that stood out for me. It seemed like it was run by a crazy person not dissimilar to myself, and I followed it avidly for weeks before I made contact with the blogger. I completely got how the reviewer read her chosen novels – and her enthusiasm reminded me how I felt when reading.

So I got in contact and asked for help on how an aspiring author should go about ‘stuff’ stuff being – anything to do with, well anything.

That’s how I met Zoe and well the rest is kind of History. She gave me some lowdown and in return many months later I sent her a very very advanced copy of The Art of Letting Go. I had no idea if she would like it. In fact for weeks I heard nothing and I assumed the worst. The she started emailing me at every bit she loved, then when she finished we kind of slipped into a friendship that now involves texting – most of every day.

So this review is by the first person other than a family member to read my book – imagine how I felt this week when she finally sent me the final review. It meant a lot!!!! And that my friends is an understatement.

The Book Lovers Reviews also has a deleted scene that never made it to the final version….Ben and Lilah….Under a tree….A teeny bit of smoochy hotness.

Here it is…



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