Scene stealing song

I am working on my secret project like a demented person at the moment, mainly because I have promised that I am going to take two weeks off over Christmas (?) I am working on a full second draft of an idea I have been playing with, so that come January I can start the edit. I so want to tell everyone about it, but at the same time I also want to keep it to myself for a little longer. All I am going to say is it’s not The Uni Files.

So anyway, last night I was writing this scene and it made me get really emotional. Crying at my computer is nothing new to me, but I think it might have been the song I was listening too as I wrote. 

I love this track, always have, and last night it completely stole the scene I was writing.

Make sure you listen right to the end. 


2 thoughts on “Scene stealing song

  1. J.R.Richardson says:

    OH!!! Love Damien! And I am the same way about my projects. LOL! Big love woman! keep on keeping on and bring us the greatness!

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