Out with the old and in with the new!

Happy New Year!

Yep it’s that day of the year. . . The day of lounging, snoozing, regretting that extra glass of wine and working out just what exactly one plans to do with the whole year ahead. A whole year! A fresh start! A new beginning. . . Or if you are a cynic like me, exactly the same crap as last year but under the title ‘Crap for 2014!’
No, I am only teasing, I of all people know just how much your life can change in a one year. This time last year I was sitting on a novel that no one wanted to publish let alone read. In the space of one year the novel has not only been published but people actually love it and enjoy it and I have managed to write it’s sequel and a whole lot more.
Last year I was wondering if I would ever meet people who I could become friends with and share my passion of writing with. This year I have so many new friends to talk books and writing with its impossible to keep track of my conversations with everyone – and I love them all.
Last year I started the year a little bit on the plump side due to eating and drinking too much over Christmas. This year, oh bugger, that one’s still the same!

So you see what I mean, I could label this year as ‘ Crap for 2014’ or I could embrace it, chuck out the old, bring in the new and see just what amazing things I can achieve with the help of my friends and family.

Happy new year everyone and thank you so much for your support over the last twelve months it wouldn’t have been possible without you!xxx


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