The Face Lift

It’s true I need one! There is a serious deep wrinkle (more of a crevice) between my eyebrows and last night I noticed another perma wrinkle above my left eyebrow that no matter how hard I try to smooth it out just reappears instantly. 

So it’s time for a face lift. Sadly I can’t afford one for me (not that I would be brave enough anyway) so I have decided to give my little blogy a face-lift instead. 

Gone are the cornflowers and the blue (that is so last year), and in are the kissy kissy love birds and lots of pink. I’m kinda liking it! 

Now it has been noted, mainly by my mother, that towards the end of last year I didn’t get around to posting that much. This was for a very simple reason. There are just not enough hours in the day! Not with editing, writing, tweeting, working in school, being a mum and occasionally doing that thing called housework. But here you go, I am making a New Years resolution right now. I will post more, and hopefully I will have lots of exciting things too write about.

Also I have had a huuuuuge decision to make about how I plan for things to go forward in 2014 but finally I have made my choice and it feels like an enormous worry has been lifted from my shoulders. It’s very liberating and hopefully will keep me inspired!

If you are particularly sharp you will see I have streamlined my menu. Now there is a Books tab with all the relevant links in for books you can download now. There is also a Up-Coming release tab, which if you want to find out more about The Uni Files the official blurb for Year Two is on there, and also the new release date (much much sooner release date.)

Lastly there is a sneaky tab called Works in Progress and this is where I am going to put little bits of info about my new work. . . so for anyone intrigued by the secret project I have been working on then this is the place to head too! 

And just because I can’t change things too much I am going to share my writing song of the last few weeks. I used it a lot with the secret project and I love it!


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