Editing and Sneak Peek

It’s been a busy week in the Bloom household. On Thursday I thought it was Wednesday which just goes to show how manic it has been. Working with the Year Five’s at my school is proving to be a challenge. This week I did some addition and subtraction – Year Five Style. . . And have learn’t that I can add stuff up. . . Β I just can’t subtract to save my life. So that wasn’t embarrassing at all as I had to peek at a ten year old’s work sheet to find out the right answers!!

I’ve been doing the final polish on The Art of Keeping Faith – Year Two in The Uni Files series. It’s been good fun revisiting the manuscript after taking a break from it for a few months. I’ve made myself laugh a few times (yes I know it’s bad form) and also feel a little sad. I’d forgotten how emotional bits of it are. Anyway it’s nearly done so the arc copy is practically ready.

Today I’ve had a teeny sneak peek revealed on Emma Louise’s Blog which you can see by clicking here. I also talk a bit about the storyline – not that I give much away!

At the beginning of Feb, hopefully when I have my cover to reveal, I will be releasing the first scene from The Art of Keeping Faith over on my bestie’s web site atΒ lovebookreviews.wordpress.com.

So for anyone wanting to know if Ben Chambers went to the States or stayed with Lilah, then the truth will soon be out.

I can’t wait to share it with everyone, and I really can’t wait until Year Two finally releases and I can stop keeping all these secrets! I’m rubbish at secrets and this has nearly killed me!

And this, for those in the need for a blast of teenage music, is my editing song of the day!


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