***Introducing New Novel***

ImageHere it is. The moment I have been waiting what feels like months for. . . 

As it’s Valentines Day I could think of no better day to announce my upcoming New Adult Contemporary Romance novel.

This book has been about a year in the making, but is now finally entering into the editing stages and will have a June release date.

I still don’t want to give too much away plot wise, but what I can say is that this storyline means a lot to me. It deals with a number of sensitive issues, and hope that I have given them the respect and sensitivity that they deserve.

Introducing Gone:

Some secrets define you, others destroy you. Theirs could make them lose everything they ever wanted.

Rebecca Walters has been moved to St Agnes in Cornwall by her parents to escape the bad lifestyle choices she has been making. She has two weeks to prove that she can improve her behaviour and act like a grown-up and then her parents will let her move back to the city and pay for her tuition fees at University.

Joshua Adams is an artist who no longer paints and wastes his days surfing on the local beach, while trying to ignore the holiday makers who invade his home town every summer. Joshua has no plans to be anywhere or do anything ever again, especially not waste his time with someone who will be gone in two weeks.

A chance meeting on darkened beach changes the course of both of their lives in ways they never expected. As they deal with their instant attraction and their secrets start to unravel, both the boy made out of the moon and the girl made of the sun start to realise that something’s you get to keep and other things were always meant to be ‘Gone.’

Told in a split POV ‘Gone’ counts down a two week summer holiday to remember and tells the poignant tale of two lost souls who find each other, love each other, and ultimately face losing each other.

* * * 

And a teaser?? Oh go on then:

Josh-u-a swings out of the car and heads around to my side. I’m not expecting him to open the door for me, otherwise I would have made sure to get out of the car independently first. As it is, he cranks open the door and leans across my body to release my seatbelt.

I swear on my life I can’t help myself, and I only do it because I have always thought of dreadlocks as being really dirty, but I move forward ever so slightly and smell his neck.

He doesn’t smell dirty. He smells like the sea, sun and mint all rolled into one.

“Did you just sniff my neck?”

“What a ridiculous thing to say.” His green eyes dance in the sunlight and I feel a hot blush spread up my neck and over my face.

Grabbing my hand and sliding his fingers through mine he waits for me to jump down from the camper. I have no idea what the hand holding is about, but it has been so damn long since I had anyone try, I clasp my fingers around his tight in response, like a natural survival instinct.

We walk around the back of the van our hands swinging between us. I notice that he is looking at my shoulders and the string of my bikini which is poking out from under my vest top.

“Have you got a cream on?”

“Pardon me? We’re only holding hands.”

Josh-u-a’s lips twitch a little and he nods his head towards our hands. “I know. I meant do you have sun cream on? I think you might need it.”

“Oh. Uh. Yeah. Thanks.” 

“Don’t want to ruin that skin.” Tugging on my fingers he pulls me around closer to him, so we are face to face, and his mouth lowers to my exposed shoulder. Before I can even react his lips gently graze over my skin.

I jump away instantly. “What you doing?”

“Smelling you.”


“You did it to me.”

“I did bloody not.”

“Yeah you did. What do I smell like?”

“I have no idea. What do I smell like?”

“I’m not telling.”

Josh-u-a releases my hand and starts to unstrap the boards from the top of the van. I watch while the knot of anxiety that started to unravel earlier during the journey comes back with a vengeance. This time it feels different, more intense, a low slow burn.

I don’t know what is causing it but as he easily hoists both boards under one arm and reaches casually for my hand with his other I lock it away as I always do.

It’s just a surf lesson. There can’t be anything wrong with that can there?

* * * 

And here is a song. Just because there always is.


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