Where Are You Now?


Good Afternoon!

Everyone who knows me, or follows my blog, will know that I nearly always have a song for my posts. My song of the day, or something relevant to my post. Just a little bit of the ‘real me’ for you all to see!

Except for yesterday, when I was embracing a full out state of panic at the news The Art of keeping Faith was releasing a week early that I couldn’t think of one.

Yes that’s right. I Anna Bloom could not think of a song.ย Shock Horror!

But don’t panic everyone my five year old son helped me pick one this morning! And in truth I couldn’t have come up with a better choice. You see for the last third of The Art of Keeping Faith Lilah communicates a lot of her feelings in text messages that she shares with us in her diary. I found them really emotional to write and really had to dig deep to find the right ‘Messages’ for her to send. This song is perfect for the emotion I was trying to capture with words.

I also want to add that the reason my son likes this song so much is because he thinks he is a member of Union J, ever since he saw them sing Taylor Swifts Love Story on The X Factor…. another moment from my real life that if you read The Art of Keeping Faith carefully you will find hidden in it’s pages!


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