Fix You

Have I ever told you all how much I LOVE this song??

I’m working on the final proof read of The Art of Keeping Faith. It’s got to be back at the publisher tomorrow (Think crazy power reading by yours truly) so I am listening to some of the tunes I used to write the novel to. The truth is, I know this is the the last time I will ever read this book. I have a bit of a thing that once a novel is released I don’t read it again. Even when I go to write the next one, I will just pick up from where it ended in my head, not necessarily on the written page.

So I am trawling through my old playlists and I have come across this. Ahhhhh this is so Lilah and I remember when I was initially drafting The Art of Keeping Faith in Cyprus a year and a half ago, this is one of the songs I was listening to by the pool. Now I am doing my final reread it’s still perfect.

Right time to stop procrastinating. . . Just a few days to go! Hopefully, if I ever get this read through done!



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