The Art of Keeping Faith – Update

Well, today something is missing on Amazon that should be on there! That’s right The Art of Keeping Faith.

I’m a bit gutted, as I am sure everyone will understand. I’ve been so desperate to release this book, I am very proud of it and want everyone to read and enjoy the next stage in Lilah and Ben’s life.

Sadly the release of The Art of Keeping Faith is out of my hands and I have just got to keep the faith (see what I did there) in the fact that it will be out in the next few days after this small hiccup.

I’m looking at this situation as some form of karmic payback; I always make life complicated and hard for my characters and now it is happening to me. It’s a challenge but it’s not the end of the world.

This situation which I am going to label “The battle of getting TAoKF on Kindles” is starting to take epic proportions and it reminds me very much of the battle that Lilah and Ben face in the book itself.

So here is a picture and a quote to cheer me up, along with a song that seems particularly app this morning. The story will come home. . . eventually! The Kids and I are completely rocking the new Kaiser Cheifs album in our house and I can guarantee that Lana and I will be singing this very loudly today.




One thought on “The Art of Keeping Faith – Update

  1. hrose2931 says:

    Beautiful quote and picture!! And what a great way to look at the hiccup!! Karma is definitely always seeking a little payback. Ben and Lilah get put through the ringer in this one so they are definitely seeking a little revenge!! LOL!! Don’t let it get you down! It’s an amazing novel! Well worth the wait!!


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