Happily Ever After

It’s been so long since I’ve written a post. Life has been ever so slightly on the crazy side, and by that what I really mean is that life has been mental. We all know that the release of The Art of Keeping Faith put a few extra grey hairs on my head and since then I have been knee deep in a massive re-write of Gone.

On Sunday I had a bit of downtime with my daughter and did what mums and little girls do best when they have some time together, we snuggled down and watched a fairy tale. Well I watched it, Lana hid under a pillow so she didn’t have to see any kissing on screen.

Happily Ever Afters, you’ve just got to love them!

As we sat there on Sunday I had this thought that maybe I was doing my nearly seven year old daughter a disservice by letting her believe that princes and princesses meet, fall in love, save each other from falling off of tall buildings, sing to each other, dance and then finally live happily forever after.


I grew up on that, and there is still a large part of my heart that believes everyone can have a happily forever. Or if not a forever then at least a happy right now. When I was little my favourite film was Slipper and the Rose. Richard Chamberlain and Gemma Craven playing Cinderella and her Prince Charming. I think it may have been made the year I was born (but don’t quote me on that) and I used to watch it on repeat. Especially the bit at the end when Cinderella rocks up at the wedding of the Prince and the Wrong Girl. . . yes that’s right, he nearly marries the wrong girl! Imagine that!

As I got older I started to see it for what it was, just a dream, a fairy tale. I remember when I was doing my A-Levels and I had a day off sick so I popped the old classic on to keep me amused for a couple of hours. By the time it got to the end and Cinderella was sitting there on her swing completely oblivious to the fact he is going to marry someone else I was a bawling hysterical mess. Life was teaching me something that the fairy tales didn’t cover.

That sucks.

Think about all those movies we grew up watching. Dirty Dancing  – “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Pretty Woman – Richard Gere climbing the fire escape a bunch of roses in his mouth. Never Been Kissed – standing in a stadium waiting for the hot teacher guy to jog onto the pitch and give you a big smooch. . .

Yeah. None of those things ever happen!


It makes me think of the new project I am working on. It was an idea that I first had a year or so ago. Again I’d had a movie afternoon with my daughter – I promise we don’t only watch telly together! We’d just got to the end  of Phantom of the Opera, which we both love.  I was already a crying mess, because that bit where Christine goes back to give Phantom his ring nearly kills me every time I watch it. Lana turned to me with the clarity of thought that only a six year old can have and said “Well really Christine should have stayed with Phantom because he loved her first.”

How sweet is that? For a long time the new project was entitled “Loved You First” just from Lana’s words.

I’ve been working away on the manuscript after making my writing buddy Heather a promise that I would write the story for her, but right now I just don’t know how I am going to give them a happily every after.

There’s got to be one though. Everyone deserves a happy ending. I guess the reality of life and the love story I am writing about now, is that it takes some people slighter longer to find it. My eternal optimism tells me that everyone gets one eventually, even if you have to wait a lifetime for it.


Here is the song from the movie Lana and I watched at the weekend. Ahhhhhh