Guest Post – Zoe Pope and The Deal

Hey Everyone (or Hey Y’all – I’ve been watching way too much Nashville!)

I’ve got a special guest post for you today from Zoe Pope, book blogger, turned aspiring writer.

When Zoe and I met about a year ago, it took some badgering and nagging form my part but I soon found out that not only was Zoe an avid reader but she also enjoyed writing as well. After weeks of persuasion I convinced Zoe to send me some of her work and that’s effectively when we became not just author/blogging mates but also Awesome Writing Buddies.

I very rarely write anything without winging it over to Zoe for her input  – sometimes it’s just scenes I’ve written that day but it’s so great to bounce ideas with someone and it has been invaluable to me.  

I’ve been reading The Deal since it’s conception (I was even lucky enough to read the original YA version) and it’s been great being on the inside of the story the whole way through. When this book is released I will be shouting it from the rooftops.

Now The Deal is a VERY VERY sexy read! But more importantly than that Zoe has managed to create characters that you can really care about and a unique storyline that can keep you riveted while you enjoy the steamy scenes;)  

Zoe is sharing an exclusive scene today and if you read it carefully you may just find some characters from my Uni File Series in there . . . 

Over to Zoe. . . 


Hi guys.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Zoe and I own the blog The Book Lovers. The past year has been a whirlwind and I am currently writing my own novel. The first draft is almost done and I am now beginning to daunting process of marketing and letting all you lovely people know about my book – THE DEAL.

 It’s an enemies to lovers book with a twist. It’s not all plain sailing but my characters, Nic and Craig, get there in the end. If you go to THIS POST you can read the unofficial synopsis and I have another Teaser posted too. But right now, I have given Anna a scene to share with you lot.

 I have a cover, but i’m thinking of changing it so I have nothing set in stone yet, but I hope when the time comes you will help me reveal it 🙂

 Of course, this is unedited and subject to change. I chose it because a little hot musician is included….you will know who I am talking about if you have read Anna’s books.



The Deal


I saunter into the kitchen, happy that my girls are all together and just a little bit tipsy. I can see that they have already started on the wine that I left out for them and I spot a glass just for me too. I cough as I enter the room, breaking up their conversation and they all squeal when they see me. I start to pose and laugh when they begin to clap and catcall at me, mainly focusing on the boob area. Yes, this dress is rather revealing and I love it. Free shots anyone? I smile warmly and make my way over to Sophie and Tammy, embracing them in a tight hug, rocking them side to side. The guys in the living room mimic us, and I can see them jumping around, hugging each other and putting on girly voices. I just flick them the finger.

 “Oh I have missed you guys.” I say, knowing full well I saw them last night but in university we used to all get ready together, and it seems kind of sad that we did it alone this time. Kelsie passes me my glass of wine across the kitchen counter and I take a sip before rounding it to give her a hug too.  Before we can begin to gossip, a new band called Sound Box starts playing on the radio station. They haven’t been around too long but I do know that the four of us love this band. We shout our excitement and begin to sing along to the sweet, sweet voice that belongs to a fucking gorgeous guy called Benjamin Chambers. Seriously, we are completely obsessed with him and it really makes Rob and Craig jealous as hell that we pawn over this guy.

 “Fucking pussy ass Benjamin Chambers.” I can hear Rob say through the music and Kelsie tells him to shut the fuck up or his calender of Mila Kunis will be torn up. That shuts him up instantly before he knows Kels would actually do that and the guys begin to ridicule him over being whipped. We giggle and dance around the kitchen, wine in hand, hips shaking and singing at the top of our lungs until the song has ended and an Avicii song rings through the television.

 “I love that song so much.” Tammy swoons but we all know its not just the song she loves.

 “I just want to fuck Mr. Chambers if I’m being completely honest! Did you see that photo of him on the beach? With those abs? Jesus Christ, I would lick every single part of him…” Sophie comments and gets her phone out to show us the photo of Ben as her screen saver. I cant help but swoon along with them.  He is definitely my type of guy….he plays guitar, his eyes, oh his blue eyes and the way he loves his girlfriend Lilah, so much, its great to see a guy love that hard and not let fame get to their relationship. I wouldn’t know how to cope, I’d be insanely jealous, but they seem to love one another enough to not get green eyed.

 “Got to say, I agree with you. I’d fuck him seven ways sidewards.” I sigh, a dreamy grin upon my lips as I keep staring at Sophie’s phone, hoping that somehow Ben will magically appear in his board shorts in my kitchen and I can jump upon him and get him to love me. I hear a cough behind us and spin around to see Craig and Rob stood in the kitchen doorway. Craig hasnt seen me dressed up yet but his eyes look ready to fall out of the sockets. The blue of his eyes are becoming darker and I know just what that means. His eyes scroll down my body and back up, focusing on my breasts and Rob has to slap him on the back and tell him to calm down on the bedroom eyes.

 Craig smirks and comes in closer to us, boxing me in the corner of the room with no means to escape. Kelsie moves away knowing full well that Craig wants to show his primal side to me and everyone else in the flat. I curse her internally, thanking her for her help. My back hits the fridge and Craig places his hands either side of my head.

 “So who is this guy you want to fuck seven ways sidewards?” He grunts, electing laughs from the girls. They know just how jealous Craig can get, and he is in full swing right now. I bite my lip, a smile urging to appear and I shrug my shoulders.

 “Just Benjamin Chambers.” I reply. We are in a major eye-holding battle, mine showing my playful side, his showing his mischievous and jealous side. “He’s a right sexy one he is.”

 I love pushing him, letting him know that if we could fuck anyone else, it would be Benjamin Chambers…or Kellan Kyle…or Drake from Demons Wings….okay getting into a tizzy now with all the hot musicians flashing before my eyes. I know our scene has attracted the rest of the group, but I cant see anyone apart from the guy in front of me.

 “Oh he is, is he? I suppose he cant do this can he?” He leans forward and takes my lips in a bruising kiss. I bite back a moan and grip his arms, squeezing the hard and tense muscles, while his hands wind into my hair and he pushes his body flat against mine. Craig dominates the kiss, changing direction when I think I’ve got him down. He goes soft and hard, fast and slow, no in between and right now I feel like we are putting on a show for the others. I have tunnel vision and all I can see and hear is us. Our breathing, our lips locking and moving and just how much I need Craig. When he pulls back, I feel a little light-headed and all he can do is smirk. Yeah, cocky Craig is definitely back tonight. But my answer shoots him down a peg.

 “I think he maybe could.”


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