Finding Rebecca Walters

I just have to post this super quick (I’m supposed to be writing, but seem to be wasting time on the internet).  I’ve just stumbled across a picture that looks more like Rebecca Walters that I ever would have thought possible.

I’ve never seen this portrait until tonight, so have in no way used it in inspiration for my writing, but this is exactly how I visualise Josh seeing Bex when he looks at her. Beneath the make-up and the attitude is just fragile vulnerability, light instead of dark.

I will probably get in trouble for not accrediting this beautiful photograph properly so I shall try my hardest. Taken by Paul Apal’kin you can find the original here. I just think it’s beautiful and I hope you do to.

Rebecca Walters - Portrait


Anyway, back to the writing otherwise the next book will never get released!


St Agnes and Gone

Hey there everyone!

Okay so this summer didn’t quite pan out the way I was expecting, (this is probably the biggest understatement I will ever make) and due to extreme personal circumstances I didn’t manage to promote Gone as well I would have liked. Sometimes in life it becomes necessary to perform some urgent prioritising and as such I spent the summer putting my family above everything else. 

Now as time slowly ticks on and heals in that funny way it has, I can once again start to turn my attention back to all aspects of my life. Yesterday it became apparent to me that because of all I had going on around the release date of Gone, I never provided any background information about the book itself. For those readers based in the UK who have an inkling of what St Agnes in Cornwall is like you may have been able to visualise it, but for those poor souls unacquainted with the natural beauty Cornwall has to offer I thought I would share some visual cues with you. 

My use of St Agnes as the setting for Gone was not a random choice. St Agnes is one of my favourite places, and in truth I have done the town a small disservice with Bex Walters attitude towards it. Whilst it is a small town, it does have slightly more than one newsagent and one pub which is all that Bex cares to notice about her new home. I hope to make this up in the sequel book which will be released late next year. 

St Agnes is truly beautiful and it holds a special place in my heart as somewhere my sister and I spent time on our girly holidays during our early twenties. The cider in the local pub is outrageously lethal, and you are guaranteed to lose all feeling in your legs after two pints. In fact it is in the pub pictured here that my love affair with Cider began, although I can confirm that a game of pool is practically impossible after too much of the stuff as I found out on that holiday. 

St agnes pub


Truro Cathedral as with all great English Cathedrals is stunning. When Bex and Josh sneak in during morning prayer I am very much hiding in one of my favourite past times into my plot. While I am not an zealously religious person, I have always found a huge amount of pleasure in sneaking off for a couple of minutes and sitting on a quiet pew contemplating life in general. Even when I worked in London I would sometimes take a solitary couple of minutes inside Southwark Cathedral and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. I tried to capture this quiet solitude with Bex and Josh sitting in silence in Truro’s beautiful landmark. 

These pictures show  you the Truro that Josh was trying to win Bex over with. 

Truro Cathedral truro_cathedral


And lastly, before I sign off I can’t give you glimpses of Cornwall and not show you the beach on which so much of Gone is set. 

When I started writing Gone I only had the vaguest snapshot in my head of the beach (possibly due to the before mentioned cider), but I determined to write it from my dim memory instead of Google it. I wanted the beach to just be unique to my imagination. Somewhere that only Bex and Josh had been. After I had finished the first draft, second draft and final re-write I decided to Google and see how far off the mark I had been. My memory is not so bad after all, and this picture I have here is almost exactly the image I had in my head when I wrote the beach based scenes. I should add here that I have no idea if driftwood fires are allowed on the sand or if you were brave enough to face the temperatures whether anyone would be able to see you skinny-dip from the beach. That would be for you to find out;)

One thing I do know for sure is that I could certainly do with a little paddle on that beach right now, it looks beautiful and it makes me so pleased that I set my book in such an amazing place.

St Agnes - Beach