Sticking to a Plan

For the first time in my life I’ve stuck to a plan. As a rule I’m not a fan of plans, they’re confining, restraining and generally a pain in the arse.
The reason I feel this way is because I normally can’t stick to even the vaguest plan, I’m more of a act on a whim kind of person.
However this year I set out with clear plans in place. Guess what? I stuck to one…. hello…. this must surely make me a grown up. I said I was going to do something and I did it. Hurrah! Round of applause please.

I wasn’t going to write for the first half of this year but then on New Years Day I woke up and completely changed my mind (this happens a lot). I started to write that day with a promise I would have a first draft of a new book finished by Valentines Day. I did it. Eighty thousand words, a serious headache, my house falling to bits around me, but I stuck to my plan. I even knew what I was going to write instead of winging it which is my usual style.
Something about the new storyline really fired my imagination. One couple, two relationships, ten years apart. It’s a tale of second chance love. The youthful mistake of making bad choices but then getting a chance to try and fix it later in life.
The whole of last year I kept starting and then restarting a rekindled romance storyline but it just wasn’t there no matter how hard I tried to tease at the edges and pull it together. Then BAM there it was. I think it may have had a lot to do with finally getting a good grasp of my new characters Amber French and Freddy Bale. You will hear much more about them in the coming months.
I’m not going to reveal the title yet or release date, not until my second draft is smoothed out and it’s in the hands of my editor but I did want to shout from the roof tops just how excited I am by it all.

Big yay for sticking to a plan!
Further updates and info coming soon…