Works in Progress


This is the lovely page where I will adding little titbits about my new projects. . . Or not, because I am a highly secretive little squirrel. . . Not really! I am sure eventually I will let a few facts slide.

My current work in progress is a change of direction for me, well in some ways it is and some way’s it isn’t. It’s a YA—which is my favourite age group to write. But instead of being a contemporary romance it’s got a paranormal edge to it. I can tell you it’s set in Yorkshire and will have strong romantic elements. However I felt a desire to try my hand at something else, and I felt a strong connection to the storyline as soon as I’d dreamt it up. I’m loving the creative aspect,it’s giving me an amazing chance to make anything happen, whereas when writing contemporary there is always an element of “keeping it real.” Pushing my imagination and tying it into a tangible storyline is such a thrill.

Updates and more details will be given as the project progresses.

Also in the mix is a partner book to GONE. This book will not be following the same characters as the original but will take the St Agnes based novel in a new direction. With more hard hitting themes, and based on the sandy beaches of Cornwall it will take give us more of Bex and Josh and some new characters along the way.


One thought on “Works in Progress

  1. hrose2931 says:

    Except you changed something in that description up there. I think you should reveal the tag line. People will be begging you for this story like I have been from the first time I commented on your blog!!

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